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what credit score do i need

hurting your score. What to do instead: Keep credit cards open, unless you have a compelling reason to close them. “If you don’t need a credit card, but it has a high credit limit or has been open a.

Most Americans apparently believe that unpaid traffic tickets can affect their credit score, according to a recent survey conducted. the husband is responsible for the debt, the couple will need to.

And how is this impacting their credit scores? Here, Dana Marineau, vice president of brand, creative and communications at Credit Karma, sheds some light on what’s behind the numbers and what.

Since I have so much available credit, I’d need to charge a whole lot before. Of course, we can do this only because we’re both committed to having credit scores above 800 — and, in fact, we tend.

How do you know when your credit score is high enough for you to relax? Checking your credit score is a bit like checking your weight. You don’t need to obsess over every fraction of a pound, and an.

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What is the minimum credit score for a personal loan? When applying for a personal loan, regardless of the lender, your credit score and credit history are subject to review. Your credit score is one of the deciding factors in the number of potential lenders from which you can borrow funds.

Free credit reports provided by the nationwide credit reporting agencies currently do not include free credit scores. However, your credit card company may provide a free score. Be wary of programs offering “free scores” if you enroll – they are generally not really free.

If you need to finance a new or used vehicle, pay attention to your credit score. Lenders use it to determine the rate you’ll get on a loan.

A credit score that meets the bank’s minimum criteria; The less debt you have and the longer you’ve been making timely payments on your existing credit accounts, the more likely it is you will be approved for cards with the lowest rates and best rewards. What credit score do you need to get approved for a credit card?

Here’s a quick guide to the five parts of your credit score: Credit scores are ultimately designed to measure the risk that you will fail to make payments on time or at all, and it’s something credit.

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