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i bought a house last year what can i deduct

high ltv cash out refinance Tappable equity — the amount available for homeowners with mortgages to borrow against before hitting a maximum 80 percent combined loan-to-value (LTV) ratio — fell by. began in 2012 – Both HELOC.

 · Private mortgage insurance: You may be eligible to claim the deduction for private mortgage insurance (PMI) or mortgage insurance premiums on your tax return, though the 2014 tax year is the last year the deduction can be taken. Keep in mind that the deduction for qualified mortgage insurance premiums is reduced if your adjusted gross income (AGI).

Mortgage Interest. You can deduct all the interest you pay on your home loan, up to $1 million in debt. You also can deduct interest on a second mortgage or home equity loan or line of credit, with a limit of $100,000. You don’t even have to use that money for your home but can use it to buy a car or boat and still claim the interest deduction.

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How To Qualify For 2018 Tax Breaks By December 31. Though you cannot file or efile your 2018 tax return until January 2019, it is important to consider which tax credits and tax deductions you can claim on your 2018 Tax Return before 2018 ends. For example, if you have a child born on January 1, 2019, you cannot claim.

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2nd mortgage loans rates Even as interest rates are rising overall in the mortgage industry, you can still get a second mortgage at an affordable rate that is much lower than a credit card or personal loan. Someone with decent credit should be able to get a second mortgage home equity loan at 6% or 7%.

But, while a home can be a good investment since homeowners typically have higher net worths than renters, buying a house that’s too expensive causes all kinds of financial problems. The last thing.

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